- Fallow deer as animals of breeding, purchase

- Fields for breeding farm, plots for pasturage, catching room

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Tried, wholesome and tasty

Roast deer with  oyster mushrooms

60 dg deer venison,
8 dg lard,
2 dg flour,
oil or fat,
dry white wine,
25 dg oyster mushrooms,
salt, pepper,
spices and worchestershire sauce, to taste.

Wash the meat and after removing thin membrane, stuff with thin stripes of lard. Then rub it with spices, powder with flour, brown the meat in very hot oil, sprinkle with wine and stew under lid, until it gets soft. Wash the mushrooms, cut them into stripes, fry them and add to the meat towards the end of stewing. Cut the soft meat into slices across fibers and pour the sauce on it.

Serve with rice and salads.

Good appetite !

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PRACTICAL information

Fallow deer as animals of breeding

Fallow deer (Dama-dama) : belongs to the deer family (Cervidae) and is a gregarious animal. Since 20030 these animals, that is deer and fallow deer, have been ranked in our country among farm animals. No permits are required to carry the plot-type breeding but there are legal rules which regulate farm fallow deer breeding. There is a breeding law, that is: "Act on raising and reproduction of animals of breeding", and also "Veterinary Act" with which any stock-breeder should get familiar. Fallow deer are animals living in woodland, they are highly immune from illnesses and their habitat requirements are inconsiderable. Adult buck's weight is 70-120kg, and doe may weigh 50-80kg. Fallow deer's fur (coat) shows big variability in color, depending on the season of the year. Polish Deer Breeders' Association (to which we belong) doesn't allow to raise animals in too big density. Minimal farm's area mustn't be smaller than 1 hectare. Optimal number of animals is: 15 pcs on 1 hectare and this is regulated by appropriate acts.

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Purchase of the animals

To buy good breeding material, one must take into account many factors. First of all, we need to get to know the farm from which we are going to buy the animals. We need to check how this farm is organized, in which conditions fallow deer live and where they come from, and also we must have an opportunity of selection of given animals. One must remember that the safest purchase is made in season from mid-December to mid-March, when there is a possibility to buy does in fawn (after rut), and also fawns which were weaned from mothers. It's very important to buy young and tame animals. Upper age limit is 8 years. And such animals we have on our ranch as per today. We tend our deer every day, they eat from our hands, they are fully domesticated and respect fences and all this makes our breeding nice and easy. Such animals should constitute the main part of the herd because their behaviour is imitated by the rest of the less tame animals. Raising tame fallow deer we avoid problems with destroying of enclosures and mainly losses in number of animals (we must remember that deer are wild by nature).

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