- Fallow deer as animals of breeding, purchase

- Fields for breeding farm, plots for pasturage, catching room

- Feeding, reproduction


Tried, wholesome and tasty

Deer goulash

50 dg deer venison,
10 dg smoked bacon,
2 dg flour,
15 dg chibol onion,
2 hot red peppers,
cayenne pepper,
spices, to taste.

Wash the meat and dice it. Dice the bacon as well, fry it until it melts a bit, add meat covered with spices and flour and the onion, brown it, pour some water on it and stew under a lid. Cut the hot red peppers in, towards the end of stewing, and spice the dish to taste.

Serve with noodles and salads.

Good appetite !

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Our clients ask us and we answer them:

Question 1. Is fallow deer a stag?
Answer: Yes, a fallow deer belongs to the family of stags.

Question 2. Is a fallow deer farm profitable?
Answer: Yes, it is a very good idea of one?s own profitable business.

Question 3. Can my fallow deer farm be supported by the European Union?
Answer: Tak: Yes, there are preferential credits and additional financing from the SAPARD programme sources, and also surcharges to every hectare of a ground.

Question 4. Would a calf market be warranted to me?
Answer: Cooperating with our farm and producing a pedigree material with the very high quality, you have a guarantee for selling e.g. calves at age of six months for 700 or 800 zlotys per one piece.
Since the birth of a calf till the moment of its catching up, a breeder does not incur any costs of holding it, because it lives with mother?s milk, on a pasture.
Is it not a profitable business?
The most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe

PRACTICAL information

Fields for breeding farm

While establishing fallow deer breeding, we must remember about appropriate location. Grounds for breeding should be in one area, not in separated plots. It's easier to control and supervise the herd when farm is located on even ground. It also should be located in quiet neighbourhood, far from busy highways and not plagued by stray dogs. In such conditions fawnings should be very high and we, breeders, certainly care for that. Our ranch, as one among few, fulfils the above-mentioned conditions. Area for our breeding farm is located in Lubuskie Voivodeship, in Przynotecko village, 7 km away from Drezdenko, at Noteć river. Farm is run on beautiful land within Puszcza Notecka (Notecki Forest) in Noteć proglacial stream valley. Our meadows provide abundant pasturage for our animals and grass here is succulent and lush, even in dry weather.

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Catching room

Catching room is absolutely indispensable when one runs such big breeding as ours. It serves us in any activities and works which we need and want to do while tending fallow deer. It consists of a few rooms and a holding pen. This provides us conditions for example to separate bucks from does after rut, or fawns from the rest of the herd. Holding pen allows us to immobilize an animal for example for the time of deworming, cutting antlers, weighing, ear tagging, or other treatments. Any old building standing close to the driving corridor may be suitable for a catching room, or it can be built outdoors.

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Plots for pasturage

Pasturage plots for fallow deer should be located in enclosed area. While buying the wire netting, one should take note of its quality and size of its meshes. One must also remember about its proper tightening. Layout of pens should enable pasture in plots. Each plot should have an optimal area of 3 to 5 hectares. From bigger plots it's more difficult to drive animals. Plots should be connected with driving corridor from which there is an access to the catching room. Appropriate size and spacing of the gates is also very important. There are two types of plots: winter plots and summer plots. Winter plots are set up close to farm buildings, which enables us to tend the animals quickly and easily, and also to tame them thanks to everyday contact. In case when there are no trees or bushes or ditches on the plots, we build shields, so-called "wind-catchers". On winter plots one must provide also feeding-racks for fallow deer and on summer plots there should be enough shady places. As an aid at our breeding farm, we may also install so-called "electric shepherd" which is an electrified fence.

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