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Exemplary quality in the fallow deer breesing.

The Notetska Ranch welcomes to cooperation farmers, interested in fallow deer breeding and pure profit. Cooperating with our farming and producing excellent quality of pedigree material you have guaranties and ensured sale of calves production at the age of six months at the price of 700 PLN to 800 PLN for one item.

From birth time to weaning of the calf (approximately six month), the farmer does not incur any maintenance costs for the animal, because it lives with pastures and breast milk.

Isn't it a good business?

The most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe

Ranch "Noteckie"

The Ranch Noteckie - owner The Ranch Noteckie - owner's sonThe Ranch Noteckie - owner with daughterThe Ranch Noteckie The Ranch Noteckie

Our ranch

Our family got interested in game animals a few years ago, when we started to observe other breeding ranches. We visited several such breeding farms in Poland and abroad. We were truly fascinated by these animals. Observations which we made there and information which we received helped us to quickly make a decision to start the fallow deer breeding which is so pleasant and easy and effortless.

Together with my wife and son we set up ecological farm with fallow deer breeding and called it "The Ranch Noteckie".

Area of our ranch is about 175 hectares but the breeding farm as such is run on 53 hectares. Our next step was to buy basic herd. From a big ecological farm we bought once 350 does in fawn, and also 20 bucks from the oldest farm in Poland. We also imported 100 does and bucks from the best breeding farms in Europe: from Hungary and Austria. Presently there are about 500 animals in our herd.

We created a mixed herd on purpose, because in the future it's going to bring us profit and we shall have the best animals. While purchasing, fallow deer were carefully selected, which excluded purchase of weak and feeble animals. The best breeding material was chosen for the basic herd, we don't keep old animals because all our fallow deer are between 2 and 6 years' old.


The Ranch Noteckie is a breeding of the very modern profile, and that is why we willingly undertake new various challenges.
As the first and only farm in Europe we have displayed wild animals ? fallow deers at the International Posen Fair called Farma and the XXII National Exhibition of Domestic Animals in Posen. It turned out to be a big curiosity then, hence lots of visitors were truly interested in it.
Also, The Ranch Noteckie took part in the fair called Cattle Farm many times. We furthermore appeared at the Hubertus Expo 2008 Fair and the Darz Bór 2008 one, and participated in many similar events.

As the breeders we are open to diverse novelties and curiosities, so we eagerly cooperate with many farmers from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, and France. We also collaborate with the Posen University of Life Sciences and the Polish Deer Farmers Association, and what is more, with the Trop Artistic Studio in Drawsko (see: www.trop-pracownia.pl) and the Food Producers Corporation.

The Ranch Noteckie has been a participant of many symposiums and conferences about molecular genetics and artificial insemination.

The Ranch Noteckie - fair The Ranch Noteckie The Ranch Noteckie - fair


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