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Exemplary quality in the fallow deer breesing.

The Notetska Ranch welcomes to cooperation farmers, interested in fallow deer breeding and pure profit. Cooperating with our farming and producing excellent quality of pedigree material you have guaranties and ensured sale of calves production at the age of six months at the price of 700 PLN to 800 PLN for one item.

From birth time to weaning of the calf (approximately six month), the farmer does not incur any maintenance costs for the animal, because it lives with pastures and breast milk.

Isn't it a good business?

The most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe

Ranch "Noteckie"

Breeding The Ranch NoteckieThe Ranch NoteckieThe Ranch Noteckie

Prizes and Achievements

We have thought of a quality of production since the very beginning of existence. Our efforts have been appreciated many times, hence we can share with you a lot of prizes in various categories. First of all we are proud of:

  • the golden honourable medal VERBA DOCENT-EXEMPLA TRAHUNT
    (words teach us and examples give the way):
    • holding one of the biggest and most modern stock farms in Europe;
    • a peculiar success in pedigree breeding of fallow deers within the Natura 2000 ecological habitat;
    • an active participation in national and international fairs and expositions;
    • a certificate for an ecological farm.
  • the title and statuette ALIMENTORUM CULTOR OPTIMUS
    (a perfect producer of food),
  • A certificate of conformity
    with the ecological methods of breeding (in accordance with the regulation of the Council of Ministers no. 2092/91/EWG).

All our achievements, honors and awards are very important for our pedigree breeding, that is further confirmation of the recognition of high quality animals for deer breeding "Notetska Ranch. We have a significant position in these animals breeding in Europe, but not only. Increasing interest in an exemplary breeding material grows in such countries as Turkey, Iran, and even Canada.

Hodowla Danieli - Certyfikat Zgodności Zarodowa Hodowla Danieli ALIMENTORUM CULTOR OPTIMUS
Hodowla Danieli - dyplom ALIMENTORUM CULTOR OPTIMUS Zarodowa Hodowla Danieli- medale VERBA DOCENT-EXEMPLA TRAHUNT Hodowla Danieli - medale VERBA DOCENT-EXEMPLA TRAHUNT
Hodowla Hodowla


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